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Tri State Module
6HA0136911 Insignia TV Module, DSP board, NS-LCD32, NS-LCD37

6HA0136911 Insignia TV Module, DSP board, NS-LCD32, NS-LCD37

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Product Info

Several things must be considered when selecting the correct Insignia DSP board. Insignia board number 6HA0136910 (12 volt) is an incomplete part number. The screen size of the set must be determined so the correct board can be ordered.

On the component side or top of the board, just under, and to the left of the white barcode label, there is a small IC labeled NF1. This IC will have a small white label marked with the appropriate screen size, SL26HA37, SL32HA37, or SL37HA37. The presence or absence of IC NP8, just to the right of IC NF1, determines if the board is a 5 or 12 volt type.

On the back or reverse side of the board, along the edge, the LVDS select logic level must be determined by the presence or absence of a surface mount resistor labeled RA124.

Some boards also have a small white label on the corner of the board marked with a version number, VE2-2, VE4-1, etc. The version number, if present, must also be considered when ordering the board. Not all boards will have a version number.

Part numbers 667-26HA37-69, 6HA0136911, and 6HA0086911 are all invalid and should be ignored when selecting the correct board.

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MFR PART NUMBER:  Insignia 6HA0136911

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